THE HAUNTED BOY, The Secret Diary Of The Exorcist. (Spooked Television Releasing) ON DVD (Uncut) OCTOBER 1st

THE HAUNTED BOY, The Secret Diary Of The Exorcist. (Based On The True Exorcist Diary By Rev. Raymond Bishop, S.J.) A new paranormal documentary film from The Booth Brothers, (Spooked, Children of the Grave, The Possessed, Death Tunnel as seen on SyFy, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures).

Synopsis: While filming a haunted asylum in St. Louis, Missouri, documentary filmmakers uncover a secret diary of the infamous 1949 exorcism involving a 13 year old boy possessed by the devil that later inspired the book and movie, "The Exorcist". Utilizing hi-tech paranormal gadgetry along with a legion of supernatural experts, they search out to capture the scariest entity known to man, "The Unholy Ghost". Nothing you have ever seen or heard before gets you closer to the ungodly truth of what really happened in this most terrifying, best selling story of all time! This is the untold-real story of "The Exorcist", a chronicle of true events based on the actual priest's secret diary the world was not to see, Until Now!

For the first time ever, investigate the real 'Exorcist' house and the infamous Haunted Boy's bedroom where this horrific possession and exorcism occurred. Battle demons while exploring ancient churches and asylums with the last surviving eyewitness priests. See never-before-seen case files, historical events, paranormal evidence from world renown supernatural experts. Exclusive interviews with the actual Exorcist's and the Haunted Boy's blood line.
Official Site: www.thehauntedboy.com
The Haunted Boy (Trailers/TV Spots))

Produced by Christopher Saint Booth. Cinematography by Philip Adrian Booth. Original Score by SAINT. Written, Edited and Directed by The Booth Brothers. RT(88 minutes) Not Rated, SD/HD format, Dolby Digital, Stereo, DVD Extras.

Cast info: Christopher and Philip Booth (Filmmakers), Keith Age (Ghost Hunter), Eileen Dreyer (Great Niece of Father William Bowdern/Exorcist), Father Francis X. Cleary, S.J., Father W. Faherty. S.J., (Witness to the Exorcism) Richard Novosak (Exorcist's Student), Bishop James Long (Reality Exorcist), Gregory Myers, Sandra Oates (Paranormal Investigators), Nick Everly (Exorcist House Owner), Thomas Sachy, MD (Forensic Criminal Psychiatrist), Vicki Main R.N.(Certified Hypnotherapist, Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant and Dowser.), Michael Lynch, Ph.D (Para-technologist), Tim Yancey (Amityville House Expert), Bill Bean (Possessed Family Victim), Judy Perry (St. Vincent Asylum Manager), Brad Givens (Haunted Furniture Mover), Arnold Spirtas (Haunted Asylum Wrecker), Justin Goodrich (The Haunted Boy), Peter Palmisano (Father William Bowdern/ Exorcist), Timothy Dugan (Father Walter Halloran). Michael O'Hear (Rev. Raymond Bishop). The Haunted Boy © MMX Spooked Productions. All Rights Reserved.

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