THE HAUNTED BOY, The Secret Diary Of The Exorcist. Original Soundtrack by Christopher Saint

The Haunted Boy Original Soundtrack includes EVP's, voices of the dead and actual exorcism audio. A Musical horror masterpiece that immerses you into a terrifying paranormal journey of the real diary that inspired the book and movie "The Exorcist".
1. The Secret Diary (3:30)
2. The Possession (3:02)
3. Ouija Board (3:26)
4. Devil's War (5:03)
5. The Haunted Boy (3:25 )
6. Serial Killers (3:57)
7. Fallen Angels ( 4:41 )
8. Heaven Against Hell (4:41)
9. Paranormal Bedroom (4:51)
10. The Exorcism (4:30)
11. The Exorcist's Grave (3:35)
12. Revolt by Third Realm/Remix by Saint (3:03)

Original Score by Christopher Saint
Additional Music and arrangements by Philip Adrian Booth
Orchestra, choir, samples and piano arrangements by Saint
Boys choir The Haunted Boys Choir
Pro Tools programming Licorice Guru
EVP's and Exorcisms, SFX Spooked Productions
Vocals by Reenie Varga
All songs written by Christopher Saint Booth
Original Song, Revolt performed and written by Third Realm, remix by Saint.
Mixed and Mastered at Spooked Studios
Published by Tee For Two Music
Spooked Television Television ©2010 Spooked Productions